The Blog and House Rules

My viewpoints have greatly stemmed from two things: my degree in psychology and the fact that I'm a very religious and spiritual person. I'll go off on other tangents here and there, but most of my posts will generally be related to those two things. 

  • Be aware: I am not professionally licensed as a psychologist. My mental health posts are informational, not to be used for diagnosis or counseling. If you need professional assistance, please seek it out.

    • Also Be aware: As most of my religious posts will be related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (of which I am a member), please know that I am not the official spokesperson for the Church nor is this blog associated with an official Church website. 

House Rules

My blog is one of my online homes. Therefore, it has rules that are expected to be followed by those who enter and wish to stay a bit.

  1. Keep an open mind as you read; my blog has been created for the purposes of discussion and learning.
    1. In many of my "Religion' posts, I will sometimes discuss things that may challenge/change the lifetime mindset of some members. Please know that I do not state an opinion without significant church-approved backup. If one of your views appears to be challenged, please keep an open mind to see if something in your life needs to be adjusted because of it. I say this because that's what happened to me many times as I was researching.
    2. I'm also willing to learn, but if you feel that correction is needed, please be respectful about it.
  2. Please do not point out "forgotten" exceptions.
    1. Many of my posts speak about a topic generally, not specifically. Therefore, please don't write comments like "But you forgot about..." or "This won't work for me because..." or "I know someone who didn't do this and..." I am aware that just about every situation has many exceptions. It's impossible to talk about all of them in every post.
  3. Offense is a choice. Please choose not to be offended.
    1. Most--well, probably all--of my posts were inspired by something that effected me enough to write about it. However, that doesn't mean I'm targeting anyone by writing about them; I don't write my posts thinking "Let's see what so-and-so thinks about this." 
  4. No arguing.
    1. I love discussion. I do not love arguments. I believe in respect and tolerance, neither of which are defined as agreement. Therefore, respectful disagreement is okay. Discussion is okay. Argument is not.
  5. No name-calling or insulting others, even in jest.
  6. No "adult" content, language, or jokes.
Have fun reading!